Justin and Ginger – Happy 10th Anniversary

We had a phenomenal evening with Justin and Ginger on Saturday, capturing every sweet smile and embrace as they celebrated their anniversary.  I’ve only made it through a fraction of all the amazing images we shot, but wanted to share a small teaser of this beautiful and blissful couple.  Ten years and three kids later, you two have still got it!!  Thanks for sharing your evening with us and allowing us to be part of your special celebration.052210 (83)s 052210 (16)s 052210 (32)s 052210 (35)s 052210 (130)s

Damon and Ali

We tried to feel bad that Damon and Ali were detained in Ft Worth when their flight was canceled, but we were thrilled with the opportunity to capture some fabulous images of them in the Stockyards.  The weather might have been crummy in Boston, causing an air traffic jam, but it was beautiful in North Texas….almost as beautiful as this couple!5s 1s 6s 3s